Paul Jones

Sebastian Zarius

Lauren Craig

Jens Förster

Amanda Francis


DATE: oct 1.-29.2022

OPEN TIME: 10am - 17.00

LOCATION: 19A Parade Mews, London ➔map

curated by Paul Jones

Due to popular demand the exhibition has been extended until 29 October 2022
open every Saturday 10-17:00
or by appointment
contact ➔

HETEROTOPIA – DISJUNCTURE explores the idea of a space within a space. Within this space, which is neither a utopia nor dystopia, there is an uncanny familiarity – as if viewing reality through rippled glass. The exhibition situates itself at this point of disjuncture, magnifying that which seems pensive, otherworldly or out of context.

HETEROTOPIA – DISJUNCTURE talks to the way the works trans-relate and stand apart.
Featuring 7 international exhibiting artists working across media, this exhibition includes video, print, sculpture and mixed media. It includes work produced specially for the show as well as pieces borrowed from collectors and artist collections.

Lauren Craig is a London-based cultural futurist. Her expansive practice as an artist, curator, full-spectrum doula and celebrant is untethered, sprawling and liberatory. Carefully marrying concept with materiality, she slowly moves between performance, installation, experimental art writing, exhibition-making, moving image, research and photography. ➔link

Jens Förster shot the last pictures which his editing monitor showed on analog film. Than he digitalized and animated this moment and he took 3 pictures and cut them into wood. The monitor screen sized prints are made by, the curator has just taken one woodprint out of this series for the show, but twice.

Amanda Francis is preoccupied space/place and its role in the process of individuation. Roadside 2019 is part of a series of moving image vignettes, observing and capturing common occurrences and incidents in and around her neighbourhood. The process of slicing, layering and placing elements anachronistically offer a tender inspection of non-events or moments, that are often unnoticed or ignored. ➔link

Paul Jones´ practise has been predicated on being an observer, cartographer and artist. Working across drawing, animation and sculpture, he explores the nature of materials and the possibility of form, considering themes of “what if” and embracing the feeling of outsider. Imitating while also running parallel to nature, his practice modifies natural environments, materials and form, such as Solar plate etching prints of large weather systems. He also carves objects using green and salvaged wood, sometimes together evoking an already stored history in the object. He views the objects he makes as artefacts. ➔link

Sebastian Zarius uses photographic processes for his series of pictures. He enlarges cut-outs taken from plastic bags and plastic packaging in such a way that not much remains of the advertising medium that served as a model. His interest lies in surmounting the material through formal acquisition; in the foreground is the idea of autonomous form and the intuitive search for a composition. ➔link

The curator would like to thank everyone who has made this show possible, with special thanks to artist Hurvin Anderson.